Impact driver vs Hammer Drill

Hammer drill vs Impact driver – Find the difference?


During the construction of the buildings and homes, you drill into several materials and bolt screws. You need machines for making holes in the walls and for tightening the screws. We use a hammer drill and impact driver both for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss what an impact driver is and what is hammer. For instance, what is the difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver, how do they both work, and their functions and uses?

What is the impact driver?

As you know when you drill into materials some hard things come over there that could not be easily drilled and we need more force to break them and make a way for the whole. In such situations, we use an impact driver that does not have any spinning needle in front of it, put direct torque to the material, and easily drill to the material. Due to its stronger torque availability, you can tighten the screws into the toughest materials that are beneficial for you.

How does an impact driver work?

During every rotation of the anvil, the motor applies more impacts and powerful torque that have exerted on the targeted materials. Therefore, when the impacts that have coupled with a high level of torque are applied to the materials that are solid hard, and dense then easily they will drill and make holes that you want. On the other side, for driving screws in tight corners you need a high compact head length that is present in impact drivers and easily drive the screws with tight corners.

How an impact driver is unique and why it is necessary?

Two major components that only impact drivers can provide you are its rotational force and impact action which is essential for the driving fastener. You can also change the drive attached to the head which makes impact drivers unique in itself. Drill bits, bits drivers, and all other drives could change at this slot. Therefore, you can efficiently drive the drills to the harder materials.

Another feature that makes impact drivers unique is its socket adapters that can turn the impact drivers into the mini-impact wrench so you can easily use it for tightening the screws. For instance, an impact driver is necessary because it can drive a fastener in the hard materials. Therefore, you do not need to put more hand pressure on the motor and drill the hard material. Impact drivers with more torque can easily drill to the harder materials. 

What is a hammer drill?

A Hammer drill has used for drilling into harder and concrete surfaces easily. While the simple drills will break while used on harder surfaces and the hammer drill exerts more force to make a hole in the harder materials. Hammer drills could measure impact per minute (IPM). It has a moveable chunk that can move in all directions and easily drill into the harder surfaces. It can also perform the function of a regular rotatory drill and become a stationary chunk when you switch off the hammer drill and could use for daily traditional applications.

Types of hammer drills:

The Hammer drill is famous for its hammering action and drilling function. It is used to drill into harder substances and is found in both corded and cordless formats. Here we discuss the types of hammer drills that we commonly used.

Dedicated drill:

When you have to do a lot of handworks then you have to use a dedicated drill because of its rotatory hammer and that will help you to work faster.

Corded drill with hammer availability:

When you have electricity supply and have enough energy supply then use a corded drill with hammer option because it is lighter in weight and effectively used for drilling and you do not need to worry about charging batteries. However, there is a side effect of this drill machine that it creates a lot of noise that is harmful.

Cordless drill with hammer availability:

For handy works, cordless drills are best for use because it works without electricity and is more convenient than others. A cordless drill has used at places where you do not need many holes at a time and it is heavier in weight than others.

The basic difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver:

A Hammer drill is a heavy powerful machine that is used for drilling with its hammering function. It could use for concrete and heavy solid materials like; cement stones etc. hammer drill cannot effectively work on wooden pieces. For instance, it has a spinning motion chunk, which goes deep in the materials and does fast drilling.

On the other side, an impact driver has mainly used for tightening the screws and can drill deep into the materials like it can be used for wooden pieces. It exerts direct torque on the materials and more pressure has directly applied to it. It has a movable chunk that could change into a stationary chunk when it is in need.


Hammer drill and impact driver both are different in their performances but they both are useful for construction purposes. Therefore, when we conclude this article we will see how these machines are different from each other as a hammer drill is mainly use for drilling purposes and impact driver for tightening and loosing screws and for drilling hard materials because of its direct torque exertion.

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