How to connect three monitors to a pc

How to connect three monitors to a PC


Did you want to perform two or more tasks at a time? Then you come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how multitasking can be done by connecting three monitors to a PC. If you want to watch a movie while playing games and you are in search of, how is this possible? Therefore, this article is for you, in which we discuss how many monitors your PC can support, and if it does not connect three monitors, then what should we have to do to connect three monitors to your PC and how to configure the working of three monitors on your PC.

How many monitors can your PC support?

Before connecting the monitors to the PC, firstly, you should check the capacity of your PC. and how many monitors can connect with it. It is a simple procedure, to know the number of monitors that can connect with your PC. Here are the simple steps that you have to follow.

  1. On your display screen, go to the search bar present in the bottom left corner of the display and search device manager here.
  2. Now click on the device manager window and select the device adapters from the menu and you will know all the graphics cards available on your PC.
  3. Now search this graphics card name on google and find how many monitors can connect with it.

Graphics card and integrated graphics card:

A graphic card has two or more video ports and if the motherboard has two or more video ports, then it becomes an integrated graphics card. You should be aware that you do not have to connect monitors with both graphic cards and integrated graphic cards. If a graphic card has 3 video ports then you have to connect the monitors with two of them, same in the case of an integrated graphic card (motherboard) if it has 3 video ports you have to connect your monitors with 2 of them. We recommend you choose the graphics card to connect multiple monitors with it because of its higher resolution and better quality. You can also google your graphic card name to know how many monitors can connect with it.

What if your PC does not support triple monitors:

If your PC does not have extra video ports to connect multiple monitors, then you need to buy some extra hardware that will support your PC to connect with triple or more monitors. Here is some hardware we suggest you buy for your PC to connect to triple monitors.

Buy a new graphics card:

If your PC graphic card cannot support triple monitors, then you need to buy a new graphics card for it. However, before buying, you must know two things whether the card you are going to buy is compatible with your PC motherboard or not because the graphics card needs a PCI Express x16 slot that should be present in your motherboard. To check its presence, you should have to google your motherboard model and company. Therefore, after knowing that this slot is present, you are sure that this graphic card is compatible with the PC motherboard.

The second thing you need to check is the free space in your PC to plug this new graphics card into it. The size of the graphics card is necessary to know because it can fit in the free space of your PC. Therefore, you must buy the card size according to the free space. The third thing that you keep in your mind before buying a graphic card is the power supply requirement. A graphic card that supports triple monitors needs 600W of power supply so, you have to check this power supply specification of your PC before buying otherwise, it may shut down after installing a new graphic card because your PC doesn’t have enough power supply.

USB to HDMI adapter:

This is the cheapest hardware that supports three monitors to connect with a PC, simply you just have to plug two of these adapters with the USB port of your PC and attach the number of monitors that you want to connect on the other side of the HDMI adapter. It is good for live streaming and gaming purposes but not as good as graphics cards.

Multi-display adapter:

If your computer could not connect three monitors at a time but you want to connect it with three monitors then a multi-display adapter is cheaper than the graphic card and easy to use. You just have to plug one of its cables into the USB port and the other one is with a mini-display port this gives a power supply to your adapter and supports triple monitors to work at a time.

Docking station:

Docking station hardware is very simple to use and helps to connect three monitors to your PC at a time. You just have to connect it with the USB port and then attach it to the monitors. However, it is not so good because it heats up immediately because of the lack of cooling fans.

How to configure that three monitors are working on your PC:

When you add the external hardware or check all the hardware settings of your PC and can attach three monitors with it. Then how will you configure that these monitors are working properly and 

If the arrangements are in the right manner and the resolution is perfect, then these are the steps to configure all these things:

Right-click on your desktop and go to the display setting

Then you will see several monitors mentioned there.

Then click on one monitor to identify and that will show you its number and which monitor it represents on the desk.

If any of the monitors are missing, you should select detect and wait until the detection is completed.

You can rearrange your monitor’s on-screen number arrangement if it does not match with the arrangement of the numbers present on the desk and you can adjust the resolution.

If you want to extend the display of your monitors then go down with the menu bar to multiple displays, here you select extend these displays and you will get what you want.


For multitasking, gaming, and live streaming, you need more than one monitor that connects to your PC. Therefore, by concluding this article, I would say that the connection of three monitors to a PC is very beneficial for increasing productivity in your work area. We discuss all the methods and procedures through which we can connect three monitors to a PC.

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