wifi range extender vs mesh network system

Wifi range extender vs mesh network system

Wifi is something that is needed in every home in the present world. Everyone wants a connection that is high-speed and long-lasting. It is a widespread problem that your wifi signals do not work at places that are distant from the router. Multiple kinds of networks are present in the market, like wifi extenders, mesh networks, wifi repeaters, powerline adapters, and wifi boosters. Among all these wifi network providers, the best performance is wifi range extenders and mesh networks. Let’s see how they work to select the one that suits you.

Wifi range extender

As the name says, it extends your wifi further in the distance through rebroadcasting. They work by connecting the extender wirelessly to a router. An Ethernet cable can be used to make a wired connection with wifi router. The placement of the extender should be such that it has some distance from the place with a wrong signal and the wifi router. But if this is an Ethernet cable connection, then there is no distance limit because the signals are going to travel through the wire. A wifi extender is also called a wifi repeater or wifi booster. The connecting process is very easy. You have to turn on the WPS buttons on both devices.

Mesh network system

It is like a mesh of devices all over your home to create a wifi signal network. These devices are called nodes. This system connects one node with the router, usually through the Ethernet wire, and the rest are randomly placed in your home. The system detects which node is nearest to you and starts providing you with signals. This mesh system is a unique technology that operates on dynamic or adaptive routing, which finds the best passage to pass the information. They are also self-configuring as one node disturbance cannot disturb the whole mesh system. To eliminate the slowing of speed, it will detect the unresponsive node and retract the traffic through a different path.

Benefits of a wifi router

The most obvious advantage of using wifi extenders is that they have been inexpensive to install. Wifi extenders are typically priced between $15 and $100. It’s an easy and affordable method that works for the majority of individuals.

Second, wifi extenders are often simple to install and configure. Just plug in the router, and it is ready to serve. Configure it with your primary router and administer it through that gateway. It’s a straightforward solution that’s great for providing coverage in confined spaces. A wifi extension will accomplish your primary goal of eliminating coverage gaps all throughout the small office area or your home. The basic variants cover up to 1,200 square feet, while other models cover up to 4,500 square feet.

Benefits of mesh network system

A compelling feature of this system is that it has a seamless network that covers the whole property. You do not have to invest time switching between routers. It also allows you to add and subtract the nodes through a single click because it happens through software.

Also, these small nodes do not take much place, and the minimal design will not disturb the décor of your home. Another factor to remember is that most mesh systems utilize clever technology to transmit traffic around the house seamlessly. For example, if you’re hooked to a specific node in your downstairs, and you have no connections on the first floor, it will only transmit digital data from the basement node. So it simply provides you faster internet connection.

So which one should I buy?

If you think, practically routers give you a tough time. They do not have a design you can place anywhere because it is wired. Also, if the wire is long, then it can mess up your house stuff. Also, tiny babies and many things can get tangles, and you may have some damage. Concrete, metal pl glass, plaster, and wood are well-known for blocking and degrading wireless signals.

The best way is to relocate the router to a central area to lessen the quantity of wifi blocking elements, enhance signal strength, and minimize dead spots. We recommend examining your wifi network to see if your router is new and present on the accurate placement. This will reveal which regions have minimum or zero signals. It will enable you to choose between a wifi extender and a mesh network. Don’t check your internet speed by the wifi logo on the router but through downloading speed.


Now that you know all the features of both routers and mesh systems, you can better analyze which to use. If you have enough money, then a mesh system is a good choice. It is best for convenient coverage in vast areas.

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