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6 Best Hot Air Rework Station Reviews and Guide


Those who repair electrical devices on a regular basis understand the value of hot air rework stations. The best hot air rework station enables you to properly solder and de-solder electronic components and parts in less time and with greater precision. They are also ideal for connecting and detaching SMD components such as PLCCs, BGAs, QFNs, and SOICs.

A hot air rework station heats and removes electronic components from a circuit board. It is a must-have for every electronics enthusiast or professional. There are numerous models of hot air rework stations on the market, making it difficult to select the best one. Based on your needs and budget, we will recommend the finest hot air rework station for you in this post.

These tools are commonly used for applications like as preheating, lacquer removal, and heat shrinking.
Hot air rework stations are all-in-one tools that are popular among welding enthusiasts and professional electricians.

Here’s a quick rundown of things you should look for in a hot air rework station:


Check that the unit is large enough to hold the largest components you’ll be working with.


Look for features that matter to you, such as changeable temperature settings or an integrated vacuum pump.

Temperature Control:

The majority of hot air rework stations available on the market provide temperature control. This feature allows you to easily alter the temperature based on your needs. It is critical to look for a soldering tool with temperature control adjustments.

Heat-up Time:

Before making a purchase, you should know how long it takes for the rework station’s tip to heat up. It’s a good idea to look for a tool with a tip that heats up quickly. The short heat-up time ensures that you don’t lose time warming up. It is also advisable to opt for a hot air rework station with faster heat recovery capability.


Compare rates to get the greatest deal for your money.


To avoid unintentional burns, look for a model with a built-in cooling fan and a safety trigger.


It is critical to choose the best tip for the job. Attach the nozzles to the wand and tighten them with a screwdriver to perfectly hold it in position while using a hot air rework station. The provided nozzles must be simple to replace.


Select a unit made with high-quality components and built to last.

Best Hot Air Rework Station 2023

Aoyue Hot Air Rework Station
  • Automatic cooling and a sleep timer that can be adjusted.
  • A soldering iron holder, ten soldering iron tips, a vacuum pickup kit, and extra heating elements are included in the kit.
  • A digital display that shows inputs and outputs precisely.
Quick Rework Station 
  • It has excellent temperature precision for most soldering tasks.
  • This digital rework station works flawlessly and efficiently for tin, lead, and bismuth soldering projects.
  • Automatic cooling function.
  • Automatic sleep function.
  • Key-lock functions.
  • Password protection.
Noevsbig Hot Air Rework Station 
  • There are three sizes of nozzles available: 8mm, 5mm, and 3mm.
  • The high-quality silicone body provides enough heating to ensure longevity while conserving energy.
  • There is a sensor switch available.
  • The station will enter working mode if you grab the handle. When you replaced the bracket, it went into standby mode.
  • Multi meters.
  • Clamp Meter.
  • TDS/PH, Soil & Water Quality Tester.
  • Power Wattage & Energy Monitor.
  • Digital Lux Light Meter.
  • Digital Vernier Caliper.
  • High Voltage Probe.
  • Digital Inclinometer/ Protractor.
SUGON 8610DX 1000W
  • Hot air soldering rework station with quick-change nozzle bracket
  • Replace the nozzle as soon as possible without waiting for the temperature to drop.
  • Put down the handle to enter a dormant state, extending the service life of hot air soldering.
YIHUA 8786D hot air rework station
  • The station’s high-end precision PID program can monitor and correct actual temperatures at high speed with fast temperature compensation to provide the accuracy that your projects require.
  • It can aid in the prevention of static or leakage damage to components.
  • This product comes with high-quality accessories and tools to help you get the most out of your work.

Aoyue Hot Air Rework Station

This hot air rework station tool set comes with a variety of equipment.

Each one is created with precision and user-friendliness in mind.

This four-in-one repair station is well-known for keeping a steady fixed temperature.
It also allows you to simply alter the airflow.

Metal is used to construct this Aoyue digital hot air repair station.

It has a digital display that shows the inputs and outputs precisely.

It precisely displays the soldering iron’s temperature.

With the help of touch control, you can accurately know the current and set temperatures.

This digital display also has an auto sleep option and a digital calibration facility.

This Aoyue device weighs 11 pounds.

The airflow is maintained via the integrated airflow gauge and knob adjustment.

The built-in microcontroller precisely controls temperature and airflow.

The microprocessor estimates the visual airflow.
It is outfitted with a self-testing warm air heating core system.

When the heating core fails, this mechanism alerts the user.

When the set and the value are met, this computerized hot air rework station is known for keeping a consistent set temperature.
The tip is protected by a black protective cover.

Before you turn on the unit, you must remove the cover.

When soldering, the attached smoke extractor captures the vapors produced at the source.


  • Digital display with touch control
  • Supports fume extraction
  • The temperature control knob allows you to adjust the temperature by one degree.
  • No overheating issues
  • Maintains appropriate airflow


  • Takes time to get used to

Quick Rework Station 

The Quick 861DW rework station is a great addition to any workbench.

It is ideal for SMD work as well as for high-current soldered connectors.

This digital rework station’s strengths are its ease of use, precision, ease of programming, and powerful airflow.

Looking at its major features, its body is built of metal to provide excellent durability.
A vivid LCD display is included.

It has three user-programmable channels that allow you to simply modify temperature and airflow settings.

With a weight of only 10 pounds, this tool is easy to transport to different locations.

This rework station has a power output of 1000 watts.

It has a maximum airflow rate of 120 L/min.
Its maximum operating temperature is around 930 F.

Three channels are supported, as well as ventilation and programmable temperature settings.
The integrated handle makes it portable.

The 861DW tool is supported by a stand and a magnetic switch.

When not in use, this switch automatically puts the station to sleep.

When the handle is in the stand, this unit goes into sleep mode.

The automatic cooling system extends the tool’s life and protects the handle.


  • Excellent efficiency works at 1000W of power
  • Huge range of airflow, from very low flow to very high flow
  • Bright LCD
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Quiet operation


  • A bit difficult to use initially

Noevsbig Hot Air Rework Station 

If you need a hot air rework station that heats up quickly, consider this NOEVSBIG tool.

It is an energy-efficient rework station with a digital display and a number of innovative functions.

The incorporation of an automatic cooling mechanism distinguishes it from the other models.

The body’s construction is constructed of ABS plastic.

A dual digital LED display is visible on the surface.
It displays the current temperature.

With a weight of about 4.12 pounds, this instrument is easy to transport wherever you go.

This tool can heat up rapidly and precisely thanks to its long-life ceramic heater and microprocessor control.

It can reach the desired temperature in a matter of seconds.
The maximum temperature reached is 500°C.

The handle cover is composed of fire-resistant material.

Furthermore, the built-in temperature protector shuts down the power anytime there is an overheating problem.

When the fan stops running due to damage, the electricity is also turned off.

The brushless fan effectively distributes heat while operating quietly.

The automated cooling mechanism extends the life of the heater and protects the hot air cannon.


  • PID Technology provides a stable temperature
  • Efficient engine
  • Ergonomic design and excellent portability
  • Clear dual digital LED display
  • Microcomputer control facilitates quick heating
  • Easy to adjust airflow and temperature


  • Low durability


This portable 2-in-1 soldering machine can control the temperature in both degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius at the same time.

As a result, you might utilize this device to work abroad.

This machine is highly adaptable, aside from improved temperature control.

It has an adjustable digital display as well as protection.

You can use this tool to work with temperature-sensitive components as well as PLCC, QFP, SOIC, CHIP, and BGA elements.

Tips for the users: With a single push of the button, you can change the functionality of this machine.
To detect the temperature more accurately, the system cycles every 20 milliseconds.

In addition to adaptability and temperature control, this station offers an ESD-safe design to protect delicate components from overheating.

It also features an automatic hot air gun function that eliminates heat when the pistol is placed in a holder.

It can operate at temperatures ranging from 392°F to 896°F.


  • Outstanding PID temperature control in both °F and °C
  • Adjustable dual LED display
  • Noise-free operation
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup and launch
  • Stylish design
  • Dual-core microprocessor
  • A pliable silicone cord
  • Includes 4 nozzles


  • When the heat is too intense, temperature readings can be inaccurate.
  • Only one-year warranty

SUGON 8610DX 1000W

Consider testing this new machine if you want a long-lasting heating element.

It contains an in-built vacuum collection tool and an ESD microcontroller for better temperature control, in addition to the powerful 1000-Watt metal heater at 110V.

It has an inbuilt digital airflow gauge for accurate settings.

This new Sugon device heats up quite quickly.
I really like the 6 nozzles for pinpoint accuracy on your PCB pieces. And 1000 Watts of power!

You’ll also appreciate the system’s built-in auto-cooling procedure when you place the wand in the holder.

This significantly extends the life of the heating element.

This device features nozzles that are ideal for working with a wide range of part sizes, such as QFP, SOP, PLCC, or SOJ elements.


  • The very durable heating element
  • All-digital display with touch control
  • 6 Nozzles
  • Auto cool-off option
  • 4 Memory Channels
  • Comfortable handle to use
  • Quick heating up


  • Only one-year warranty
  • The plastic is a bit sticky


Another soldering station from YIHUA is the 2-in-1 8786D I model with clever cool/hot air conversion.

Aside from the sleep function, this device has digital temperature correction.

This programmer is well-liked because of its anti-static design, which avoids leakage or static damage.

Tips for users: To prevent accidents, if the hot gun’s fan stops working, the application will sound an alarm and turn off the power supply.

This low-cost tool is capable of handling any soldering task.
It heats up rapidly and is quite portable.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable cool/hot air flow
  • Anti-static design
  • Automatic digital temp correction
  • SMT double-panel tech
  • Good for use in harsh environments
  • Programmable hot air gun
  • Includes 10 changeable iron tips


  • Made of cheap materials
  • Only one-year warranty
  • Not very accurate readings

Buying Guide for the Best Hot Air Rework Stations

In this review, I showcased my top six hot air rework (reflow) stations. You will undoubtedly see a single page with my tests’ findings, which took roughly 10 days. I attempted to include the most popular and recommended models in the US market, ranging from low-cost to high-end professional appliances.

Almost all stations, you’ve surely seen, have SMD options for removing/attaching SOICs, QFPs, PLCCs, BGAs, and ICs. Interchangeable nozzles and automatic/programmable temperature control are the most beneficial extra features for those looking for more advanced alternatives. You can also choose a model with a vacuum pump so that all jobs are completed faster and with fewer dangers.

Hot air rework stations are multi-purpose equipment that is often used for per-heating, heat shrinking, and lacquer removal. These tiny and sophisticated appliances are quite popular among professional electricians and welding enthusiasts.

When purchasing a high-end hot air rework station, seek the following features:


The hot air repair station’s construction and general quality must be durable enough to guarantee stability and durability for a few years. Before purchasing, the materials must be inspected.

Look for gadgets that are made of metal, ideally steel or heat-resistant materials. Also, take in mind that all gadgets have components comprised of strong plastic.

Temperature Control

The majority of hot air rework stations available on the market provide temperature control. This feature allows you to easily alter the temperature based on your needs. It is critical to look for a soldering tool with temperature control adjustments.

Most hot air rework stations have a minimum temperature of 100 °C. It enables the usage of the rework station with heat shrink. The greatest temperature can reach 450 °C. For most projects, a maximum temperature of 350 °C is considered adequate.

A temperature accuracy of about 10 °C is preferred. This allows you to change the felt temperature by adjusting the distance between the gun and the target as well as the airflow. Aside from temperature limitations, it is critical to ensure that temperature adjustment is faultless. Some low-quality hot air rework stations may have trouble changing the temperature. Check that the tool you choose allows you to easily adjust the temperature.

Heat up Time

Before making a purchase, you should know how long it takes for the rework station’s tip to heat up. It’s a good idea to look for a tool with a tip that heats up quickly. The short heat-up time ensures that you don’t lose time warming up. It is also advisable to opt for a hot air rework station with faster heat recovery capability.


You must double-check the measurements and values during soldering. As a result, all hot air rework stations include a display for reading the input and output values. If the display displays erroneous readings, you will be unable to utilize the gadget efficiently.

For strict temperature and airflow tolerances, modern stations incorporate an LED display or dual digital LED display or LCD or LED.


It is critical to choose the best tip for the job. Attach the nozzles to the wand and tighten them with a screwdriver to perfectly hold it in position while using a hot air rework station. The provided nozzles must be simple to replace.

The little nozzles are useful for directing air over a small chip. Larger nozzles, on the other hand, are useful for saturating a large area, such as massive heat pad sinks. Interchangeable nozzles are offered in high-quality hot air rework stations.


Because most hobbyists like to transport these devices to different job sites, hot air repair stations should be lightweight. Consider purchasing a lightweight device weighing between 3 and 11 pounds. If you want to be portable, the lighter the better.


The amount of airflow dictates how well the pump or fan propels the air forward. If your hot air repair station cannot transport hot air forward over the chip or board you want to heat and move it into place, it is useless.
Remember that most all-in-one stations that combine hot air and soldering into a single device have limited airflow. Even the most space-saving rework stations have poor airflow.

The minimum airflow criterion is 20 liters per minute. In addition to airflow efficiency, it is critical to determine whether or not the airflow rate is changeable. You’d need enough airflow to work on your target, as well as the ability to change the flow rate. The airflow controls prevent loose components from being blown away.

The low-quality rework stations lack the ability to automatically change the airflow. When adjusting the airflow with such equipment, you must manually guess a lower temperature. As a result, errors occur and speed is reduced. The advantages of high-quality hot air rework stations include correct airflow and dependability.


One of the most important considerations for a hot air repair station is safety. Before making a purchase, it is critical to determine whether the tool is safe to use. When it comes to safety, overheating protection is the most important element to consider. For protection, make sure it has an ESD-safe design.

Some hot air rework stations include safety features such as overcharging protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection, among others.


What are the hot air rework stations meant for?

The hot air rework stations have a nozzle that heats the air before blowing it to the appropriate microchip or cable that needs to be reworked. These tools are commonly used to repair any cable that is connected to another. They are also used to remove glue and other debris from their surface. You can receive the best-refurbished circuits that are ready to use with the help of these instruments.

How to safely use a hot air rework station?

To begin, turn on the power with the help of the central on/off button. When the gadget reaches a certain temperature, you can adjust the amount of airflow in the nozzle. Remove the nozzle and place it near the cable or chip that needs to be cleared, removed, or repaired. The adjuster button can either increase airflow or direct you to raise the temperature for greater precision.

Why hot air rework stations are considered more beneficial than other soldering tools?

The procedure used by hot air rework stations is not quite surgical, but it saves a significant amount of time.
Other tools may be used to remove the existing solder and pieces as well as the circuit board. Because of their versatile capability, a hot air rework station can also be utilized as a soldering station.

Many distinct components can be re-soldering at the same time. In a matter of minutes, a damaged electrical component can be removed from the circuit board and re-solder the affected area. Furthermore, because these tools are non-contact, they do not cause damage to other elements of the circuit.

Are hot air rework stations efficient?

Because of their widespread use, various technicians have been educated to utilize hot air-type stations precisely. As a result, if you are expanding your facility or replacing an aging unit, installing a hot air station will take less time. Furthermore, the costs associated with onboarding are minimal. These gadgets are more affordable than IR stations and are well-known for their accuracy.

How to wisely choose a hot air rework station?

First and foremost, buyers should examine the power or capacity of the control device that will be employed.
Following that, they must seek the tool’s multitasking capability. A rework station is designed to perform a wide range of activities, so it must be able to work flawlessly with multiple operators at the same time.

It is critical to consider other aspects such as accuracy and overall reworking quality. Buyers must also ensure that the rework station they select ensures correct connectivity of micro tools and the inclusion of a variety of tips.


You’ve looked into a few dependable, inexpensive, and high-quality hot air rework stations.
If you’ve never used these apps before, you should because they’re useful and efficient gadgets.

They truly make complex soldering work simple.

These rework stations are essential due to their versatility, user-friendliness, and durability.

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