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In the life of working people, presentations play a vital role. The best and most attractive presentation guarantees to take a positive response from the viewers. No presentation is complete without a Laser Pointer in the digital world in which we are living because the pointer is the best companion during the presentation. A professional presentation is not complete without a good laser pointer. Let us explore what laser pointers are, why we need them and what are the best laser pointers available in the market. If you are looking for the best laser pointer available in the market then you are a lucky person because you are on the right page to have the desired information. 

Laser pointers allow users to have a hand-free control system. They act as wireless remotes in your hand enabling the user to control various computers without touching them. In the digital world, the use of digital devices is increasing which is why we have decided to help you with the importance and usage of laser pointers. 

Manufacturers are with you to design specifically different types of laser pens and laser clickers for you to present to the audience effectively. 

Why We Need a Laser Pointer?

  • We use a laser pointer to seek the attention of the audience toward the specific points in the presented slide. They make a presentation easier and more professional and control the flow of your presentation.
  • They guarantee a direct focus on the point you want to explain to your audience and are helpful in large groups of people.
  • Other than the professional presentations, they can be a very good playtime for your furry friends (cats). After all, no one wants the best light that will not ruin their presentation.
  • They are used to give a presentation in the lecture hall or meetings.
  • To avoid the risks caused by the faulty wire, laser pointers are needed for presentations.
  • Laser pointers provide various features which make presentations easy and smooth. 


Choosing the best laser pointer is not an easy job. There are tons of products out there in the market. We don’t know which is comparatively good. So to ease the task, we have chosen 10 products out of these which are the best and most affordable at the same time. You need to screen the whole article to find out which one best suits you. We are here to guide you about the best laser pointer which will allow you to present a powerful presentation. So let’s jump in and hit a snag and find out with that what the factors should a user look for in a laser pointer.

Power Output

You are going to spend a cost to buy a good laser pointer and, surely, you do not have much time and money to buy the laser pointer again and again. Although some of the presentations are much longer in time but make sure to buy the laser pointer you are going to buy should have a power output of around 5 mW or less than it. Choose the laser pointer with a power output of around 1 mW if you are buying it only for playing with your pets.

There are various types of laser pointers depending on their usage. Astronomers use to project in the night sky laser pointer with a power output above 5 mW, presenters use laser pointers with a power output of around 5 mW whereas laser pointers which are used to play with cats are around 1 mW. So it is suggested that before buying a laser pointer make sure for what purpose you are going to buy a laser pointer.


Laser pointers also vary due to their wireless coverage range for which a user wants to use them. The laser pointers used for presentation are having at least 40 feet of wireless coverage range and 300 feet or more laser beam range. This range will surely help you to present without touching your computer in big conference rooms. To buy the laser pointer for astronomy and play with cats, there is no need to look for a wireless coverage range. You can choose the laser pointer for your pet by checking the lesser laser beam and taking the decision whether it would be a good toy for the pet or not. Good laser pointers always come with laser beam range adjustability. Before buying a laser pointer keep in mind the range factors of the pointer.


The size of the laser pointer matters because people like to have a smart and light laser pointer with them. Small laser pointers are easy to handle and easy to use even if you can carry them with you by placing them in your keychain. Small-size pointers can fit in a laptop bag and your pocket. When buying a laser pointer choose a pointer with a small size.


Laser pointers are available with different compatibilities but I suggest selecting the laser pointer with universal compatibility, this will help you to use laser pointers with different Operating Systems. Therefore before choosing the laser pointers make sure whether it is compatible with the device you are using or not. 


Best laser pointers allow you the freedom to choose the control buttons. Most of the pointers are with pre-set control functions which are not able to provide freedom to set the buttons according to the requirements of the presenter. This feature should be carefully kept in mind before buying a laser pointer.

10 Best Laser Pointers for Presentations of 2023

This section includes 10 products that we find best in our experience. Many factors are kept in mind while buying a laser pointer. The range of the pointer is a key point. After all, this is the feature that enables you to present your presentation from a distant place. The section also includes all the pros and cons to help you to decide which one to choose. We recommend you read the whole article to make the best investment. It is really hard to choose the right laser pointer for your presentation but the laser pointers we are going to tell you about our tested and found reliable. So here we go.

Logitech Wireless Pointers R400
  • user-friendly
Logitech Professional Pointer R800
  • easy to use
Kensington Wireless Red Laser Pointers
  • The range is 65 feet
DinoFire Wireless Pointer
  • light in weight
Targus Wireless Presenter
  • easy fingertip control
Canon PR5-G Wireless Remote Presenter
  • powerful laser beam
V7 WP1000-24G-19NB Professional Wireless Presenter
  • long battery
NORWII N26 Presentation Pointer
  • laser light beam covers a distance range of around 656 feet
Amerteer Wireless Pointer Presenter
  • exceptional range of up to 12 meters
NORWII N27 Wireless Presenter
  • light in weight

1. Logitech Wireless Pointers R400

Only using a top-notch laser pointer will help you to nail a presentation. Logitech pointers will help you achieve that. It has features that make it stand out from the crowd. The flow of moving from one slide to another is effortless and smooth. The range of the pointer is also very good.
This is a key factor that will allow you to give your university lectures, in case you are a lecturer or professor. The laser pointer is compatible with all windows-based computers even the latest windows 8. It does not require external software to run. It is small in size, easy to carry, and has a backpack, you can take it anywhere with you. 


Logitech Wireless laser pointer is comfortable to use, light in weight, and affordable in price. It provides a wide range of features. It is highly compatible and easy to use. It is user-friendly and does not use external software to work.


No pause or play button. So you cant pause or play a video. It just moves the slides.

2. Logitech Professional Pointer R800

As we have discussed above Logitech is a famous company making electronic appliances. The laser pointers they are making are the best in quality and efficient in performance and in a real sense don’t compromise on the quality of their products. If you are wishing to buy a laser pointer for the presentations then trust me and buy the Logitech Professional Pointer R800.

It is the best laser pointer available in the market and will meet your budget and requirements.


This pointer can work with all windows-based computers and LCD, plasma, and projection screens. They need not install external software to work, are light in weight, and can fit in a small place. They are easy to use and smooth in highlighting important data


It may be heavy on your wallet but a great item to invest in.

3. Kensington Wireless Red Laser Pointers

Kensington is a gift from the makers. It is more efficient because it is also compatible with the latest software like; windows OS, Apple products, Macintosh and Windows. It is user-friendly and allows users to enjoy its unique features. Its small dimensions make you able to handle and carry it with you easily.

It is reliable and tested in all aspects, in my opinion, you should buy it as your priority because it is a hot selling item these days. After all, it is available in your budget range.


Its board contains forward and backward flip buttons and a kill switch to shut down the presentation. Its range is 65 feet with spotlights. It is available in beautiful designs and colors.


The antenna has no replacement.

4. DinoFire Wireless Pointer

Normally we have observed the best things come at high prices but in this case DinoFire Wireless Laser Pointer, these words become useless because it is the best in quality and less expensive. It is easy to use and does not require external software to run.

This wireless pointer is compatible with Windows and Apple products. After buying DinoFire Wireless Pointer you will be thankful to us because this product is according to your requirements.


DinoFire has a plug-and-play feature, it is light in weight, and has tiny bumps to use without looking toward the laser pointer. It can control volume, hyperlinks, and many other features used.


Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth connectivity option. 

5. Targus Wireless Presenter

Targus Wireless Presenter enables the presenter to control the presentation with its laser pointer from a distance of 50 feet. Targus laser pointer is a small item that can easily fit into your laptop bag. Taking it with you, you can play with your pets because pets love to run after the spotlight; however, these beams are not harmful to pets.

This laser pointer is best for presentation and it is available with multiple features. With just one click you can switch it on. With its long-lasting battery timing, you can present your presentation for hours without hesitation.


It allows easy fingertip control with a soft-touch surface. Button navigation, pre-set connection, stylish black, plug-and-play switching.

6. Canon PR5-G Wireless Remote Presenter

There are countless laser pointers for presentation available in the market and it is difficult to work to choose the best laser pointer according to your requirements. We have done long research to choose the best laser pointers for your presentations. This product is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, windows vista, and above.

It is a multifunctional laser pointer that is widely used by professional people. Its lightweight and its small size allow the users to store it or carry it anywhere with them. It is recommended to you because I am personally using Canon PR5-G Wireless presenter and found it reliable and best in performance.   


It is in a unique design with great battery life, user-friendly, powerful laser beam, and 400 days of standby time. You can easily put it into your pocket or laptop bag or backpack. You can use it on PowerPoint, keynotes, and google slides. It is in your budget range with green laser 6 times more visible than a red laser.

7. V7 WP1000-24G-19NB Professional Wireless Presenter

V7 wireless laser pointer has proved to be the best pointer for presentation due to its unique features. It can completely fit the palm and you will feel a soft touch. It provides a wireless range of around 35 feet. It comes with five buttons control system and has high laser performance.

You will be able to control PowerPoint presentations with its multifunctional remote. It comes with plug-and-play switching which does not need external software to work.

We are thankful to the engineers and manufacturers for providing us with this high-performance laser pointer which is really helpful for presenting in front of big gatherings. If you are going to buy the best laser pointer on a low budget then I will suggest having the V7 laser pointer with you because it is more reliable and tested in all aspects.


It takes less time in charging. It has a micro SD card reader and a self-storing USB that is light in weight and small in size. Its long battery time makes no hurdles during the presentations. It needs no external software to work. Due to its above-discussed features, it is being selected by professional presenters all over the world.

8. NORWII N26 Presentation Pointer

I know that you are in search of a beast quality laser pointer that will help the presenter to help in presenting by just clicking the buttons. Your search ends here because the laser light pointer which I am going to introduce is the best in all aspects and it will prove the best option for you. Yes, I am talking about NORWII N26 Presentation Pointer.

It is efficient and covers a distance range of up to 300 feet and its red laser light covers a distance range of up to 656 feet which is a great range distance for a laser beam pointer. Its comfortable grip helps the user to control it quickly and smoothly.

NORWII N26 Presentation Pointer is compatible with Android; Windows, Linux, and Mac OS and can work with many software like; MS Office, ACD See, and many more. This is the hot selling item in the market due to its efficiency and performance.


It can be customized by using NORRWII app. Its laser light beam covers a distance range of around 656 feet. It is rechargeable with a long battery time and has a pouch to carry it. Its lightweight and small size make it different from other presentation laser pointers. It is compatible with the latest software.

9. Amerteer Wireless Pointer Presenter

We have discussed above the latest laser pointers used in presentations and all of them were best according to their specifications.  Now here we are discussing a laser presentation pointer with its unique features from the above-mentioned laser pointers. This presentation is no other than Amerteer wireless pointer. Amerteer is widely used and appreciated by presenters all over the world.

Its most important feature is its ergonomics. It is designed in a way that it can fit around your finger and this feature makes it different from the other laser pointers which are used for presentation. Its rubber structure makes it smooth to fit around your finger and provides a slip-less grip to it. Most of the laser pointers work with Windows-based Operating systems but Amerteer is also compatible with Mac and Linux-based Operating Systems.

If you are looking for the latest and most efficient laser pointer for your presentation then don’t miss buying Amerteer. Ameteer is also recommended by professional presenters to new users and they love to have the tiny laser pointer in their hand. If you believe me I have personal experience using this laser pointer I am much satisfied with using Amerteer laser pointer.


Amerteer is small in size and can fit your finger. It is more compatible than other pointers with an exceptional range of up to 12 meters. It is within your budget and provides multiple features as compared to other laser pointers.

10. NORWII N27 Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer Presentation

Actually, NORWII N27 Laser Pointer is the perfect pointer for your presentations. It is best to work with hyperlinks, PPT, PowerPoint, and many more. It allows you to change from one slide to the other by a lucrative switchboard as it is plug-and-play which is why it does not need any external software to run. NORWII N27 laser pointer is highly compatible with all software like; Mac, Android, Windows, and others.

It is a slim fit you can easily set it into your pocket as a pen. Due to its smart fit design, this pointer is light in weight and easy to store anywhere. Its unique feature and high performance can beat many top laser pointers. It is suggested by the seniors to their juniors because they have a positive experience with this unique laser pointer.


NORWII N27 Laser Pointer is highly compatible. It is light in weight, best in performance, and plug-and-play. You can put it in your pocket, backpack, or anywhere you want. Its battery timing is long and smooth in usage.

Conclusion and recommendations

We hope this article will prove helpful in deciding which laser pointer you should invest in. All of these are tried and tested items. You don’t have to trust us blindly, just go out and check out yourself. This guide was to help you gain knowledge about all the possible choices for you. This knowledge will help you make the best decision and you will find the item you won’t regret buying ever. 

Once you have decided which pointer to buy, you have to follow the instructions to connect it to your device. Hopefully, there will be no difficulty in connecting it to your device unless you are using Mac OS. Yes! You will have to follow step-by-step instructions in the manual to connect to Mac OS successfully. 

As mentioned earlier, apart from the professional use of laser pointers, you can also use them for playing with your pets. The caution to follow is, never to use an intense beam laser pointer. Such things can harm the health of your pet. 

Technology has changed everything around us. So presentations are that boring stuff these days. You can make them interesting by adding a new touch to them. The best laser pointer will do it for you effortlessly. So bring that charm to your writings and choose one of the above items. 

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