RGBIC vs RGB | When to Use RGBIC and RGB?


When you are decorating your room, the first thing that you do for decoration is to use LED strip lights that use everywhere to enhance decoration like in halls, cinemas, theaters, cars, etc. RGBIC and RGB are the two main LED strip lights. In this article, we will discuss what are RGBIC and RGB. What is the main difference between these two LED strip lights?  In addition, when to use RGBIC and RGB strip lights.

What is RGBIC LED strip light?

RGBIC LED strip light, the latest advanced technology of lightning has independent control (IC) chip that helps in controlling the color of each segment independently. The strips of the LED light have divided into segments and each segment has its LED and one IC. Some segments have three LEDs, these numbers vary depending upon the type of LEDs, and each LED consists of one controller.

In RGBIC strip lights, three lights have shown red, green, and blue with the combination of these three lights. A benefit of this strip light is that if you set the color green with the help of a remote then all LEDs of that strip show green. You can control the color of each segment of strips independently in RGBIC strip light.

What is an RGB LED strip light?

RGB LED strip light is a cheap, simple, and easy-to-use light. You have to adjust it to any surface and then connect to the controller and give a power supply to RGB light so, it starts working. RGB LED light shows three main colors red green and blue with the combination of these colors we can make colors like white, yellow, cyan, and many more colors.

RGB LED strip light works on PWM techniques as it uses 8-bit signaling. Therefore, each primary color has a wide range of colors lying between 0 to 255 numbers and when we combine all these primary colors, almost 16777216 new colors have formed. Therefore, RGB LED strip light shows a wide range of colors.

Difference between RGB vs RGBIC LED strip lights:

As you know, both LED strip lights, have three main primary colors. Here a question arises, how we could differentiate both of them. Here we will discuss how these two strip lights are different from each other.


As you know both lights have been used to enhance the decoration and lighting of a certain place and none is dull. RGB LED strip light brightness is enough for use because it gives you maximum brightness but in contrast to this RGBIC LED strip light it gives ultra-brightness because of its advanced techniques and creates too much brightness even as a night light.


The price of the lighting depends on the brands, but as a whole, the price of RGBIC LED strip light is higher than RGB LED light and its prices increase as we add more strips to it. Because of its advanced and latest technology and use of IC chip, it is more expensive than RGB LED strip light. If we see the prices of Govee then the price of RGBIC IS 40$ and the price of RGB is 25$ and that is not a big difference but as you change the brands the prices become double.

Who can cut strips?

The RGBIC LED strip light contains an IC chip that makes a complete programmed system and if you cut the strip of that light to place at any other place then it will not function anymore. While on the other hand, RGB LED strip light can be cut and its strip can be placed anywhere you want and create more spaces. On RGB lights, it is already marked that you can cut their strips.

Lighting effect:

In RGBIC LED light, the LEDs in the strips give different colors as if one section of the strip is blue and the other one shines green. Therefore, you can independently change the colors of the strips. You can also connect this strip light with music so the strip light color shines according to the vibration. Also if you connect with tv color shines according to screen colors.

In RGB, the colors that shine in the strip is different and show variation as the combination of three primary colors but the variety of colors are the same in all section of a strip at a time because it does not have any independent control chip.

When to use RGBIC and RGB:

RGB LED strip lights shine in different colors just by the combination of three colors red, blue, and green. Even it produces white color that makes it unique. RGB lights have been used in home appliances like in the kitchen, rooms, and under things for decorating creatively. It uses on signboards, billboards, bars, restaurants, and automobiles like in cars tires.

Mostly, we all know the uses of RGB LED strip light but now we see when to use RGBIC strip light. For its advanced technology, we use these lights in the room if we want more brightness and a lightning effect. RGBIC LED strip lights to have smartphone apps to control the colors of each section of strips making more variety of colors in it.


Everyone wants to enhance the beauty of their houses, restaurants, bars, and automobiles and use many lights for it. For a creative mind, these two lights are enough to enhance the decoration and beauty of the place and things. Therefore, in this article, we discuss these two RGBIC LED strip lights and RGB LED strip lights in all aspects that how they both are different from each other, and where they are both used.

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