How to fix an overheating laptop

How to Fix an Overheating Laptop: Simple Tips


All laptop users experience some symptoms of laptop overheating like it slowdown working and becoming hotter which means these signs are not normal. You need to check your laptop immediately and figure out the problem of overheating because it is dangerous for your laptop. Your laptop may go through some hardware failure problems due to overheating and you lost many important files from your laptop. In this article, we will discuss why laptop overheating happens, how to fix overheating laptops, and tips to avoid overheating. For instance, we will also discuss laptop-cooling pads.

Indication of laptop overheating:

When your laptop starts overheating, some signs appear that indicate that your laptop is in a danger zone like the temperature of the laptop going up and we can use an indicator Open Hardware Monit that shows the temperature of the laptop. The normal temperature of the laptop lies between 40 to 70 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when it goes above 80 degrees Celsius that means your laptop starts overheating and you need to be worried.

The performance of your laptop also slows down which indicates the overheating of your laptop. The working of your laptop gradually slows and windows stop working which may damage your important files. Therefore, when you notice that your laptop is working slowdown must verify the problem mostly it happens because of overheating of the laptop.

The fans of the laptop work more and sound louder because of the overheating it tries to cool down the system so you hear the sound of fans clearly, which indicates overheating. In some laptops, there are no fans, so, when the laptop starts overheating it causes damage to your laptop because there is no cooling system in your laptop.

In addition, your laptop immediately shuts down without warning when your laptop starts overheating because in some laptops heat-warning mechanisms are present that indicate overheating and shuts down the laptop to prevent it from internal damage.

Causes of laptop overheating:

Damage fan: 

If your fan has damaged the laptop that means, no airflow causes overheating of the laptop that will damage your laptop. Before buying a laptop, you make sure that your laptop has proper fans because malfunctioning fans cause overheating. In some laptops, when you use functions, key f1 to f12 the laptop fans become slow down or turned off unknowingly so you just need to check the working of your fans in the laptop.

Excessive dirt:

Fans help to pull the cooler air inside and push the warmer air outside the laptop so when fans start working they also pull dirt, hair, crumbs, etc. inside the laptop which becomes the barrier in the airflow of your laptop and causes overheating that will damage your laptop.

Hardware problem:

Hardware problems can cause overheating and vice versa. Like if, if your battery did not work properly and expands or swells that causes more heat production in the laptop and damages your laptop.

The CPU of your laptop has a thermal paste that helps in keeping your laptop cool but as time passes, it becomes dried and causes more heat in the laptop that damage your laptop internally because of overheating.

How to fix an overheating laptop:

When you figure out all the signs of the laptop, overheating then you must fix this problem. Here are all the steps you have to follow while fixing an overheating laptop.

  • You have to shut down the laptop immediately when you feel the heat, unplug the cords, remove the battery if it is feasible and give time to cool down the laptop temperature.
  • Make sure that there is no dirt in the fans or any blockage in the internal airflow of the laptop.
  • If you find any dirt in vents or any damage in the working of fans then use compressed air to clean it.
  • Managing your fan’s setting is an important fact in fixing your laptop from overheating. Sometimes your fans are switched off and you are unaware of that thing so, must change the setting of your fans on the laptop.

Tips to prevent the laptop from overheating:

Keep checking laptop fans: 

You have to check your laptop fans by putting your hands near fan vents. if you feel hot air coming then you know that the laptop starts overheating and if there is no air coming then there is dome dust blockage that causes overheating so open the system if it’s possible to check the laptop fans. If there is any damage to fans replace them and clean the dust to prevent it from overheating.

Stop using intense processors:

Usage of intense processors can also cause overheating of your laptop so avoid using intense processors. When you use this processor, it put more pressure on the CPU to work hard, produce more heat, and increase the speed of the fans. it is recommended to use FlashBlock in your browser so that it is only turned on when it is needed and you use flash videos.

Stay away from the hot environment:

In summer, keep your laptop away from the sunlight and hot environment because it immediately causes overheating that is dangerous for it, and when you feel your laptop starts heating you need to check it as soon as possible.

Laptop cooling pad:

For additional cooling, you can use a laptop-cooling pad that helps in reducing heat from the laptop. Before buying coolers make sure that the cooler you are buying works properly because their air mechanism is a bit different from other cooling systems and it blows cool air upwards so if your laptop has a grill intake then buy cooling pads that do not consume power and reduce heat from the laptop.


When the fans of the laptop didn’t work properly or any dust blockage comes in the way of airflow then your laptop starts overheating that damage your laptop and you can lose all your data you need to fix this problem in this article we discuss all the ways thorough we can fix laptop overheating.

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