How to Fix an Overheating Laptop: Simple Tips

How to fix an overheating laptop

All laptop users experience some symptoms of laptop overheating like it slowdown working and becoming hotter which means these signs are not normal. You need to check your laptop immediately and figure out the problem of overheating because it is dangerous for your laptop. Your laptop may go through some hardware failure problems due to overheating and you lost many important files from your laptop. In this article, we will discuss why laptop overheating happens, how to fix overheating laptops, and tips to avoid overheating. For instance, we will also discuss laptop-cooling pads.

What is MQTT | Working, Advantages, Implementation in IoT


MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol for engaging a vast network of clients through its simple communication system. It simply followed the publish/subscribe communication mechanism based on the topic that was encoded. For fast data delivery, This MQTT protocol runs on TCP/IP and provides a fast messaging conveying and receiving system.

Hammer drill vs Impact driver – Find the difference?

Impact driver vs Hammer Drill

During the construction of the buildings and homes, you drill into several materials and bolt screws. You need machines for making holes in the walls and for tightening the screws. We use a hammer drill and impact driver both for this purpose. In this article, we will discuss what an impact driver is and what is hammer. For instance, what is the difference between a hammer drill and an impact driver, how do they both work, and their functions and uses?

My Dell Laptop Doesn’t Turn On

Dell laptop Wont turn on

If your laptop does not turn on when you press the power button, it could be because of many reasons. Maybe your Ram stick is dead or it could be any other motherboard issue. But here I am sharing my experience that could be helpful for you. I have a Dell Latitude E6530 laptop that I bought in used condition. I put my laptop in sleep mode, closed the lid, and remove the charger. But after some hours when I tried to power On my laptop, it didn’t start. I checked the charger it was Ok, but neither the charging light on the laptop lit nor the laptop starts.

Barometer vs Manometer – Find the difference?

Barometer vs manometer

For measuring pressure, we use many instruments for this purpose. A barometer and manometer are those instruments that measure pressure but their events are different where they use. For instance, their principle of working is probably the same. In this article, we will discuss what is barometer and manometer and how they both are different from each other. Moreover, we discuss their work, calculations, and uses in this article.

RGBIC vs RGB | When to Use RGBIC and RGB?


When you are decorating your room, the first thing that you do for decoration is to use LED strip lights that use everywhere to enhance decoration like in halls, cinemas, theaters, cars, etc. RGBIC and RGB are the two main LED strip lights. In this article, we will discuss what are RGBIC and RGB. What is the main difference between these two LED strip lights?  In addition, when to use RGBIC and RGB strip lights.

What is Wi-Fi | Best ways to Extend Wi-fi

Best ways to Extend Wi-fi

The Wi-fi technology stands for wireless fidelity, which is basically connected to a wired technology that is being given access by the network provider in order to provide the internet. In the beginning, the network was only available up to a certain limit in terms of being wired. Firstly, the internet connection was shared between two different desktop computers, and with further evolution and technologies, it expanded into various towns, cities, and even countries.

Ohmmeter vs Multimeter – Which is Best? A Complete Guide:

ohm meter vs multimeter

It is important to know that a variety of electric meters comes to determine different units of electricity, so whether you are troubleshooting or repairing, you just need the right type. Knowing what type of units are involved and how they work is vital for someone who works with electronics. The unit which is measured most frequently is resistance, and for this purpose, an ohmmeter can prove useful. Whereas for the determination of current, voltage, temperature, and capacitance, a multimeter (meter with multi efficiencies) performs best.

How to connect three monitors to a PC

How to connect three monitors to a pc

Did you want to perform two or more tasks at a time? Then you come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how multitasking can be done by connecting three monitors to a PC. If you want to watch a movie while playing games and you are in search of, how is this possible? Therefore, this article is for you, in which we discuss how many monitors your PC can support, and if it does not connect three monitors, then what should we have to do to connect three monitors to your PC and how to configure the working of three monitors on your PC.